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I am grateful to all those I've worked with over the years. I've learned from everyone of you. I'm especially grateful to the following individuals who have recommended me on LinkedIn. That is where the following quotes come from. There are more there. This is just a sampling.

I have the pleasure of working in Security Architecture & Engineering under Graydon. Under his leadership, the team morphed from four individuals into a strong cohesive unit. Graydon’s style resonates well with the team; he is a leader who leads from the front. He pushes his team to excel, but also pushes himself to be a better leader. Graydon is able to draw upon his vast managerial and technical background to guide our team through a myriad of issues, and cultivate each individual’s strengths for the betterment of the individual and team. On a personal note, Graydon is an amazing mentor. In my professional life, there have been very few like him. He has a genuine want to see his staff exceed their goals. We often talk about situational awareness and ways to handle those “Delicate” situations. The result of Graydon’s guidance is a fundamental change in the way I approach situations and set expectations. I am pretty sure Jon Taffer had Graydon in mind when he said “The greatest gift of leadership is a boss who wants you to be successful.” He is an extraordinary leader, mentor, and person who will be a valuable resource for any organization.
Dr. Derek Erfourth DIT, MIS
Graydon is one of those people who, after you spend 5 minutes with them, you realize how exceptional they are. It’s not just what he knows, or what he does, it’s how he communicates what he knows and what he does. Working along side Graydon has been a privilege, and as a peer, I value his skill set and presence of mind. I often reach out to my network to make certain my thoughts process is clear and Graydon is definitely one of those go-to people. Like all great advice his isn’t always easy to hear, but I value his fearlessness to speak up, and prize his ability to deliver it in a way that reflects the best interests of both myself and the enterprise. His greatest flaw is that there aren’t two of him to go around.
Iain Straun
Graydon and I worked closely at Pyramid Consulting, responding to and supporting our client's security needs and advancing our information security practice strategy and roadmap. This included a period where he simultaneously served as Pyramid's CISO and positively advanced our company's security posture. Graydon possesses a comprehensive understanding of the infosec domain and is adept at both understanding client needs and articulating guidance and direction on the best way forward. He is openly collaborative, which is rare in my experience for someone with such depth of knowledge and experience. Graydon should be strongly considered where leadership and clarity of vision is needed for information and cybersecurity needs.
Rob Kondoff
Graydon is a detailed oriented, professional, and knowledge Information Security Director. While working at Microsoft, Graydon has pushed for standards, guidelines, and security practices to be top-notch. He has challenged most managers and co-workers to think outside of the box, while pushing for innovation, a sense of ownership, and passion for what they do. Graydon is detail-oriented, sharp, and a no-nonsense Security Professional that defines what excellence is and should continue to be in the Security industry.
Erica Voss
I had the opportunity work closely with Graydon during his time at Microsoft, where he demonstrated his knowledge and skill in information security, confidential programs, and factory / supply chain security. Additionally he showed his strong leadership, professionalism, and drive to excel on everything he did.
Brian Shea
Working under Graydon’s supervision is an opportunity of a lifetime. I greatly admire his words of encouragement that will truly guide you to be a good performer. He will able to see the good in you and helps you develop it. His expertise in Information Security and a manager who understand his people is what I think makes him an exceptional leader. A leader with a heart.
Euclid Jay Corpuz, MIT
Graydon can face up to tough and challenging situations. This, after all, is what security executives has to deal with everyday. I have worked with Graydon and have always admired his work ethics and his can-do spirit. He can execute in an orderly and methodological fashion. I am glad to have the chance to work with Graydon and will always value what I have learned from him.
Bernie Leung, CISSP
I strongly recommend Graydon McKee for any Information Assurance Manager position. Graydon worked for me as the Eastern Regional Information Assurance Manager for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement which is a component of the Department of Homeland Security. During the period with his role in the field, he demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness, formidable independence, innovated ideas, and interpersonal skills that brought customers to think of Information Assurance as an asset and not a liability. Graydon worked collaboratively with his colleagues and developed a close working relationship with personnel in other departments and agencies through the course of his work. His masters in Information Assurance and his extensive experience in Information Technology give Graydon the depth and foresight to be an invaluable resource. I give my endorsement of Graydon's skills and professionalism without qualification and with the highest praise.
Charles Hunter Shaw
Graydon is a very savvy Information Security professional that focuses on customer and business impact. His layered approach aligning security risks with meaningful and actionable solutions demonstrates excellent business acumen. He’s an asset wherever he works.
Rick Orloff
"An excellent leader!" Graydon has not only extensive knowledges and experiences in Supply Chain Security, but also a great manager. His likes macro-management style and fully delegates authorities to his direct reports (of course, as his direct reports, you need to prove yourself trustworthy first). But he always knows what's going on and is able to guide and direct you whenever you need helps. Aside from works, he is a great friends and passion to help all his friends.
Richard Chen