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This is an interview I did in 2020 for The MoveHappy Podcast. It revolves around stress relief for IT professionals and what I found that works for me.

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This is an article I wrote for the Forbes Technology Council in 2020 entitled: The Weakest Link: Legacy Systems. It is about the cybersecurity risk of legacy systems.

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This is a panel discussion from September of 2020 on Best Cybersecurity Practices During Uncertain Times.

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My Blog

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This is a presentation I gave at the 2008 MSIA Residency Week at Norwich University School of Graduate Studies.
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"If You Can Keep Your Head: How You Can Keep Your Team Afloat During Isolation" is an article I wrote for Forbes that highlights ways to maintain our sanity during the pandemic.

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In this webinar, I, along with a few colleagues, discuss Optimizing Microsoft365 Security.

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This is an interview I gave to CSO Magazine back in 2013 on protecting intellectual property in the supply chain.

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Putting the Pieces Together: A Primer on Breach Prevention addresses the critical elements that every organization needs to follow to establish a sound, proactive stance on securing their environment against compromise and breach.

In this webinar, you will learn how to assemble the right elements of your information security and network operations capability to establish a solid foundation for monitoring and protecting your network. Blend the tried and true with new capabilities such as AI and SOAR to provide actionable monitoring and protection rather than the typical re-actionable content you have been used to.

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CISO Strategies for the Cloud: Key Factors to Consider when Building a Successful Cloud Strategy addresses the critical information security elements that every organization needs to consider as part of their Cloud Strategy. This presentation brings together experts in Information Security, Cloud Architecture, and Big Data Analytics to provide the attendee with the information they need to put a secure cloud strategy in place today.

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Hackers attack every 39 seconds, and their attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Gone are the days where simply keeping your anti-virus up to date and locking down your perimeter will protect you from the bad guys.

This talk focuses on how prevention and detection has changed over the years. Building off the premise that there is no “silver bullet,” this talk will blend the tried and true techniques of years past with new technologies to guide the listeners down the path to knowing how to blend them into a new mousetrap for our new normal.