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Graydon McKee is a 20+-year veteran of the information security industry. 

Graydon started his career on the bottom rung, answering help-desk calls before graduating to systems administration and then network architecture.  It was during this time that he developed an interest in information security.   

Graydon’s career then took an amazing turn, and he has focused on Information security ever since.  Over the years, he has worked in many different industries securing systems and helping to protect sensitive and confidential information.  He is proud to be an alumnus of industry-leading companies such as Unisys, Deloitte, the Department of Homeland Security, Apple, and Microsoft. 

His career has taken him from the city streets of Shanghai to the jungles of the Amazon and a few places in between.  His ultimate goal is to find a way to supercharge business through information security rather than restrict it.
Graydon is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

After living all over the country, Graydon has settled down in Atlanta where he lives with his wife of 20 years and their two children.  In his spare time, Graydon practices
Wing Chun Kung Fu and Pekita Tirsia Kali (Filipino Martial Arts). 

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