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Hunting Ostriches

An Ostrich


I came across an interesting article at Forbes today entitled "
Cyber Security and the Danger of Ostriches in the Boardroom". The article is aimed at course at business leaders and attempts to highlight reasons why they need to be fully engaged in the information security dialogue.

I of course whole heartedly agree with this but let’s be realistic here. We have been trying to bridge this divide for quite some time. We have been trying to portray ourselves as friends of the business however we’ve (for the most part) been less than successful in our endeavors.

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The Road Goes Ever On and On...

saratoga, california, Santa Cruz Mountains


It is a Journey

What is security? How can I be secure? How will I know my systems are secure? I was compliant with the regulations, how was I able to be hacked?

Over the years these questions have come up in one form or another. Now the conversations have been with different people and in different contexts. At first I was a bit dismayed that we are still struggling with the concept of security but the more I thought about it the more I welcomed the opportunity to address this topic.

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